DenQ x Fickle Wish Collaboration

About the Artist:

DenQ (pronounced dayn-kyew) is a Japanese illustrator who specializes in creating illustrations with a showa-era comic book vibe. Her name is an amalgamation of Denjin M and Tetsujin Q, which are characters from a children’s mystery novel written by Edogawa Ranpo. Her name also doubles as a pun on the Japanese word for electricity (denkyu).


About the shirt design:

When we discussed the design with DenQ for this collaboration, there were a few things that we really wanted this piece to represent. We knew for sure that we wanted this shirt to include a gay couple, and we wanted one of the boys to be LatinX to represent the large community of queer LatinX people who live in Los Angeles. His alien boyfriend is not just there to be cute! He also acts as a metaphor for the undocumented population of LatinX people who are currently being prosecuted by this administration. We wanted to create a shirt design that would function not only as an aesthetic piece, but as a quiet political statement of support for the people within our community who experience discrimination from our government, and less inclusive communities. We felt that DenQ was the perfect person to create this piece, because of her history illustrating queer couples. Japan is not the most inclusive country for queer people, and we appreciate the work she has done to bring queer art into the limelight within her home country. We hope that you wear this shirt with pride for the loving community we have built together at Fickle Wish.

Watermarked DenQ Art.jpg

About the manufacturing process:

All of the shirts are being screen-printed by a local small business that has been servicing the community for many years. They are made of 100% cotton, and have a unisex fit. The shirts are in standard American sizing, and they are pre-shrunk, but please be sure to consider accommodating for potential shrinkage!

*NOTICE* Colors may differ from original design!! All pre-orders will be shipped approximately one week after the pre-order closes. The deadline to pre-order is (00/00). Once your order has been fulfilled, you will receive an email with the tracking number of your shipment if you chose to have the item shipped to you. If you order it via in-store pickup, you will receive an email once your item is ready for pick up (it will not be ready until some time AFTER the deadline is closed). If you purchase other items together with this pre-order, your other items will also be shipped to you together with the collaboration shirt. This means that all items will be shipped approximately a week AFTER the deadline is closed. If you are interested in purchasing other items and would like to receive them sooner, then please make a separate order for them, as we will not be able to ship them to you separate from the DenQ pre-order.

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