Fickle wish la x Menhera chan exclusive collaboration






AX Site Event Info 

  • Merchandise Sale: Bisuko's Collaboration Merchandise will  be available at Anime Jungle / Fickle Wish Booth at Anime Expo (Booth #3015+)

  • Fashion Show Guest Appearance: Bisuko will joining AX Fashion Show on July 6th as a ACDC RAG Guest Model. 

  • Autograph Session: With purchase of Fickle Wish Collaboration Merchandise (Over $20.00), you will get autograph ticket for his autograph/Meet'n'Greet session on July 6th at Kentia Hall from 3:50 pm - 5:10 PM (Right After the AX Fashion Show)

  • Portrait Drawing Session: On July 5th and 7th, Bisuko will be at Anime Jungle / Fickle Wish Booth and Having Portrait Drawing Session ($20.00). Get your original hand-drawn Portrait by Bisuko!! Slots are limited, please come and visit our booth before the portrait session begins! First-come, First-served Basis.


In-Store Event Info

We will be hosting a meet and greet with the creator of Menhera-chan, Bisuko Ezaki, in store on the evening of Day 0 of AX!


You will be able to meet Bisuko with the purchase of any Menhera-chan items. He will also draw the portrait of 3 people that evening, so be sure to arrive early to swipe up our very limited portrait tickets!!! The sale of portrait tickets will start at 7:30pm as soon as we open and are $20 each.


The event schedule is as follows:


Noon-7pm: Normal store open hours.

7pm-7:30pm: Shop is closed.

7:30pm: Store re-opens for the launch event, Sales Start.

8:00pm: Meet and greet begins.


Wearing menhera/yami-kawaii attire is encouraged.


Collaborative Merchandise

  • We are planning on releasing t-shirts, postcard sets, and enamel pins featuring the characters from the Menhera-Chan universe!

  • We will also be releasing a limited edition enamel pin set, and postcard set during Anime Expo. These will be available in-store, online, and at our booth through the duration of Anime Expo.


$29.99 each


$9.99 (Set of 4)

$15.99 (Set of 2)

July 5th: 02:00PM-03:00PM 

July 7th: 11:00AM-12:00PM


Schedule is subject to change without notice